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We’re growth drivers.

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Hi, we're Senufo!

We help SMEs in emerging markets to discover hidden opportunities for growth.


Experience Design & Innovation

We design, build and launch connected digital products and services.

Growth & Marketing

Customer insights & Growth Marketing

We help you drive value with your growth agenda by improving acquisition, engagement and retainment of profitable customers.


Product Design & Delivery

We get you to market fast with products, apps, spaces, brands and services designed for the people that matter most: your customers.

Customer Journey

Retail Commerce

We improve digital channel maturity and deliver integrated customer experience to boost customer interaction and engagement.


Applied Intelligence

Using advanced analytics we uncover in depth insights about consumer purchase behaviour to identify product innovation and marketing opportunities.

Customer Experience

UX Training

We come to your team virtually or physically, kick off a large project, refresh and inspire UX teams, or spread UX knowledge throughout the wider organization.

Our Belief

Growth = Teamwork + Eye on the ball

What we think drives GROWTH in a business

What do your customers say about your product and its features? Your product should match the consumers' expectations.


By levering digital tools, businesses can automate some of their key operational activities to ensure efficiency is achieved.


Data helps a business uncover hidden truths about its customers and can be leveraged to achieve product innovation, targeted marketing and improved customer satisfaction.

Sales & Marketing

We understand that the modern-day consumers exist in an increasingly complex world burdened by decision fatigue, content shock and time debt. By creating humanized customer experience, customer acquisition and retention will be simple.

Our Clients

Some great friends we've made along the process. We need more friends like you!


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We’re a hybrid consultancy working with SMEs in emerging markets to help them discover hidden opportunities for growth and create winning products and services.

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